Leave a Bequest

Leaving a gift in your Will is a powerful way to leave a lasting legacy.

After you have made provisions for your loved ones, we would be honoured to receive any gift, large or small, to send to Fundasaun Alola to continue their nation-building work with women and children.

How to leave a gift

Note: It is very important that when you create a Will, or make any changes to an existing Will, that you obtain independent legal advice.

Should you decide that leaving a gift to Alola Australia, and thus Fundasaun Alola, is something you wish to do, you may consider using the following wording in your Will:

“I give, devise and bequeath to Alola Australia Ltd (ABN 20 132 084 050)

a) The residue (or ______ % of the residue) of my estate OR

  1. b) _______ % of my estate OR
  2. c) A sum of $ _______”

to be used for the fulfilment of Alola Australia’s charitable purposes through providing funds to Fundasaun Alola in Timor-Leste to support women and children’s health, education, economic advancement and human rights, free of all death and estate duties. I declare that the receipt of such gift by an authorised officer of the Alola Australia shall constitute a full and sufficient discharge of my Executor’s duties.

Establishing bursaries in Memory

Over the years, we have supported families with their desires to carry on the legacy of their loved one through ongoing bursaries for specific purposes. If this is something you would be interested in doing, either for yourself or for your loved one, please reach out to us at friends@alola.org.au to discuss further.

A lasting legacy: Ann Whyte Viqueque Scholarship Fund

Heather Wallace and her husband Rod Whyte created the Ann Whyte Viqueque Scholarship Fund to honour Ann, Rod’s mother, who died in 2016 following a brief battle with aggressive cancer. Though Ann had never visited Timor-Leste, she knew the value of education and was always interested to hear about Heather’s visits to the Viqueque district for both her research projects and association with the Geelong Viqueque Friendship group.

Rod and Heather know Ann would be really proud that her legacy was supporting young women achieve their education dreams in Timor-Leste, as she knew what a difference this could make not only to the women’s lives, but to the lives of their children, their families and their communities. Three young women were awarded the inaugural Ann Whyte Viqueque scholarship in 2019. Alola administers the scholarship on Heather and Rod’s behalf.

We’re helping the women and children of Timor-Leste build a strong future.




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