Economic Empowerment Program

Fundasaun Alola’s Economic Empowerment Program aims to strengthen women’s economic participation in order to improve the status of women, increase income generating opportunities and to promote economic independence.

The Program aims to reduce poverty and promote cultural heritage by working with women to improve their skills producing quality textiles and other handcrafts, of increased value to both national and international markets for their use of local cottons and natural dye plants. Alola’s Economic Empowerment Program is comprised of highly skilled national staff who advise women’s groups on quality control, safety, business skills, marketing and fair trade practice. The Program partners with local and national NGO’s and bilateral partners with a view to sustainable income generation for women and their families.

You can learn more about the Economic Empowerment Program initiatives below.

Handicraft Development

The Handicraft Development Project provides capacity building and market opportunities for women artisans in Timor-Leste. This project generates income for women artisans as well as promotes Timorese cultural identity. Women are trained on improving the quality of products, especially the use of natural dyes in traditional fabrics, training on product
diversification, and basic marketing education,

The Alola Shop in Dili is a place where high quality Timorese products and textiles are sold at fair trade prices to support the women who create them.

Women’s Livelihood Project

The Women’s Livelihood Project support women’s savings and loans groups and Increases business opportunities for vulnerable women in rural areas. The Alola team support female entrepreneurs through training in business skills, business plans, setting up new businesses, savings and loan schemes and small-scale agriculture.

This project has had a significant impact for female entrepreneurs in rural areas by helping them to improve their lives and households. Income gained from business can be used to educate children, and for food, housing, clothing and health.

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