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So that we are better able to support our Alola friends and partners in Timor-Leste, we have recently applied and been granted deductible-gift recipient (DGR) status, which means any donation above $2 is now tax-deductible.

Our ABN: 20 132 084 050

Donating By PayPal

You can donate online now using PayPal for secure online payment:

Other ways to donate

By cheque:
Send a cheque made out to Alola Australia Ltd to PO Box 382, Abbotsford, VIC 3067

By direct deposit, either monthly or as a one off donation, into our bank account as follows:

  1. Alola Australia
    ANZ Bank Collins Place, Melbourne
    BSB: 013 030 Account Number: 3047 82427
  2. For those transferring funds from overseas the SwiftCode is: ANZBAU3M
  3. Please send an email with your name and donation details and amount. Contact us.



Alola Australia in partnership with Fundasaun Alola, offer a range of Gift Certificates. Your gift will support the development programs of Fundasaun Alola in Timor-Leste, established in 2001 by Kirsty Sword Gusmão. Fundasaun Alola’s programs improve child and maternal health, create employment opportunities, promote human rights, strengthen community participation in economic and social development and enhance the status of women in Timor-Leste.

  • All certificates are available as an e-card. Just open the attachment you will receive via email and print it onto whichever paper of card you choose.
  • The order process is automatic however once your order is received we then manually receipt and email or post your certificate to you. We aim to do that on the day we receive the order but occasionally there may be a slight delay.
  • If you decide to order your gift certificate to be shipped, we will send you a different looking certificate from the ones presented here. We prefer to use what we have already printed, so we can keep both our environmental & printing costs low: therefore making more funds available for Fundasaun Alola.



Your gift of $AU50 will assist Fundasaun Alola’s Women’s Resource Centre to campaign for women’s rights in Timor-Leste, both within local communities and with key decision-makers. This includes continuing to deliver a Leadership Training Program with women. Your gift will also assist Fundasaun Alola in awareness-raising activities and creating submissions that affect women most, including gender-based violence and human-trafficking.

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For $AU25, your gift will support the maternal and child health program

Money raised from these certificates will support Alola’s maternal and child health program that includes providing breastfeeding information  and counselling, infant and young child feeding training, maternity packs, and research on maternal mortality in Timor.

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Your $AU50 gift will give a Timorese woman the opportunity of economic independence, to work and feed her family and to contribute to the development of her country.

 Money raised through Alola Livelihood Gift Certificates provides tools, materials and support that enable women to earn a living in the textile trade, primarily sewing or weaving.

Not only does this help women support their families, it also gives something equally important – hope.

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For $AU75, your gift will support a year’s education for a young Timorese student.

The Alola Foundation Scholarship Program addresses some of the economic and cultural barriers preventing students in Timor-Leste from completing their education – particularly girls and those in rural areas. Your gift will provide a 12-month scholarship to a young Timorese student.

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For $AU10, your gift will enable a pack of 8 Tetum readers (‘learning to read’ books) to be given to a school in Timor-Leste.

Delivery Method: